Migration Patterns

2014 Senior Art Showcase

Clara Nulty

Water, Interrupted

My work examines images of human driven interruptions and impositions on water, primarily represented through reflections of cars, signs, and bridges in bodies of water, and through physical manmade products, such as littered water bottles and manufactured waterfalls. These representations of our interactions with water signify both our environmental thumbprint and our spiritual respect. Some pieces provoke political sentiments, such as pollution, while others question the sensory compulsion to touch or interact with water. Thus the pieces explore the range of mankind’s damaging and respectful relationships with water.To emphasize the element of watery disturbance, a majority of the pieces feature a compositionally imposed interruption. These diptychs eliminate the complexity of transition between solid objects and fluid surface, examining more closely the significance of the relationship between the two. By isolating the subject and the water’s reaction to that subject, we may analyze more closely the subjects’ relationship to water. How does a manmade object influence or interrupt a body of water, be it puddle, river, or lake? How does the water react to this interruption, be it ripple, wave, or pollution? Other non-diptych pieces examine a small piece of water on a macro scale. This compositional abstraction also serves as a visual disruption. The full image is interrupted, the viewer forced to look carefully and closely at certain watery effects. The clean compositional boundaries of these pieces eliminate certain complexities, allowing for a more stark representation of the interactions between humans and water.