Migration Patterns

2014 Senior Art Showcase

Shamir Amir Kansakar


My practice of art stems from my motivation to understand the patterns in nature. It is an exploration of the inherent intelligence of the physical and the metaphysical systems that we are a part of and my curiosity to understand, harness and apply that language. In my artwork, I attempt to capture these interactions and their metaphors that serve as a bridge between the ‘micro’ and the ‘macro’. This allows me to frame my view of the world through the idea of connectivity between these two realms and dwell in the reflection of one, found in the other.

To explore the world, I explore the materials in the world, functionally as well as reverentially. In the current body of work, the interaction between the ink particles with that of porcelain causes the ink to flow into rivulets that grow out long after I place the ink drops onto the canvas. Although I modulate the system, I do not control it; it is the intelligent resolution between the materials subjected to interact between each other that resolves the final form. Hence, the final form is an image of a process that is generated as the ink actualizes itself.

As a substance transforms, so does its image. As that happens, I step back in awe and attempt to ask: isn’t this life also meant to be actualized completely?