Migration Patterns

2014 Senior Art Showcase

Kaiyue Zhou

Kaiyue_DSC6896The Light Series

The Light Series focuses on representing industrial light and the cultural and historical meaning of such inventions since industrial revolution. The topic is inspired by two exhibitions in Whitney Museum: the Robert Indiana show and the performance art in Manhattan, 1970-1980 show named Rituals of Rented Island. In the exhibitions, Jared Bark’s imagination was caught by light bulbs and he used them as his tool during performances, while Robert Indiana emphasized the personal significance of light when designing his original work LOVE. The natural human fetish and attachment to light in the modern world serve as inspiration of the Light Series. The topic is so engaging because it deals with such an industrial product yet reflects feelings and cultural backgrounds that are so personal.

Besides the inspiration from the Whitney Exhibitions, I have had a personal fever concerning man-made light for a long time. I find myself being easily attached to the meanings and emotions behind light signs, and I’m always amazed by the spaces created by different kinds of lights even though light itself has no characteristic of solidity. Furthermore, interested in architecture and cityscape, I want to explore an abstract way to illustrate the idea of human habitation.