Migration Patterns

2014 Senior Art Showcase

Ella Kampelman

My work explores abstracted representations of geologic stratigraphy sections.   Stratigraphy sections show the layers of rock beneath our feet and provide a narrative about a place’s geologic history.  While inspired by the beauty of some scientific drawings, my stratigraphy sections are created compositions that have departed from their geologic source material. They are responses to the world around me as I worked through each new composition.  They are an account of my own mind, with the cores reflecting internal mental structures as well as geologic strata.

When exploring my drawings, I hope the viewer reads my work as earth-related, but that this connection leaves room for other discoveries within the structures.  While inspired and informed by layers of rock, these vertical landscapes hold more than just scientific information.  The strata are a personal geology that reflect my changing internal states.  They are not specific to any location, but instead explore the idea of an unseen interior. I hope the viewer focuses on this revealed interior and enjoys these otherwise unseen spaces.